Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Earth brings virtual tourism to Apple iPhone - CNET News

There is a great new application for Iphone called Google earth! It is so cool!  I tried it out today and could see my house and tilt it to see different vantage's.  So easy to use too.  It's amazing how clear it is. 

Here is an article I found from CNET on the new Application:

SAN FRANCISCO--Google already has customized some of its Web sites for
display on the iPhone, but now the company also dived headlong onto
Apple's highly regarded mobile phone with a full-fledge application, a
handheld version of its Google Earth geographical software.Google Earth
lets people virtually fly around a 3D view of the world made from
satellite and aerial imagery mapped onto the planet's mountains and
valleys. The iPhone version reproduces this core experience,
downloading imagery from Google's servers as the perspective shifts and
dotting the map with landmarks, photos, and other information."The idea
of having Earth on a mobile device is something people dreamed of back
to the Keyhole days and before," said Peter Birch, Google Earth's
product manager, referring to the satellite imagery company Google
acquired in 2004. "This is the first opportunity we've had to be able
to deliver a great experience."

Surprising performance, good interface I tried the application late last week and was impressed how well the iPhone version kept up with the performance, features, and usability of Google Earth for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux--at least, while using a Wi-Fi network connection. For example, your view of the world starts looking straight down, but you can tilt the view so terrain contours are visible, and generating that variable perspective takes some significant processing.Search results show as pushpins on the Google Earth view.Search results, such as cafes in Trento, Italy, show as pushpins on the Google Earth view.(Credit: Google)What's most interesting to me, though, is that the iPhone's multitouch screen actually made using the application easier than the PC versions. Dragging a fingertip across the screen slides the view appropriately, of course. Two-finger pinch gestures not only zoom in and out, but also, by adding a little twirling rotary motion, steer the view's orientation in one direction or another.Another nice feature: When the iPhone is tilted a certain angle out of horizontal, Google Earth reads data from the phone's accelerometer and adjusts your view accordingly, so you can look up into the sky. And it's integrated with the iPhone's ability to locate itself through GPS, Wi-Fi networks, and mobile phone towers.
Google Earth brings virtual tourism to iPhone | Apple - CNET News

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