Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cool Applications for the IPHONE

Twitterific: Great application for those who use twitter! Works easily, can post and see new posts with ease! ***** 5 stars

List and organizational application. Has the ability to share your lists with others online! ***** 5 stars

Favorater: Allows your contacts to be made into buttons with pictures for fast access. Allows 9 big buttons per page-with the option of 3 numbers per contact. Works great! 5 Stars *****

Flycast: Application that gives you instant access to radio stations and podcasts! It works great on edge, 3g and wifi! Lot's to choose from. ***** 5 stars

Great Application for those who use facebook. Shows notifications, friends, emails. Easy to post or see friends walls and updates, photo albums etc from wherever you are! 5 Stars *****

Great Instant Messaging application that supports YIM, AIM, IChat and more!! easy to use-accesses your buddy lists! Love it! 5 stars *****

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